Water Damage

Even minor water damage can become a very serious problem quickly if left to sit for too long. The best thing to do is call restoration experts as soon as you can to minimize wall damage, rotting wood, and, probability of mold. Experts at Patterson Homes are dedicated to their customers and are available day or night. We offer 24/7 damage assessment; whether it be a weekend or the middle of the night, we’ll come out and start the process of getting your home cleaned up and your life put back together!

Patterson Homes is an award winning water damage restoration company serving both the East and West Valley. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and our technicians are fully certified and trained to our industry’s highest standards. Excellence and customer service are our number one priorities; we pride ourselves on prompt arrival, quality work, and continuous communication with our customers.

After performing extensive research and utilizing our years of experience in the restoration field, we understand that many Arizona property owners have a tendency to confuse the term “water damage” with “flood damage”, which leads to the belief that a flooded house is the one and only thing that may result from water-related damage or problems. This is far from the truth! Regardless of what kind of water damage you may have in your household or business, Patterson Homes possesses the tools and restoration specialists required to get your problem taken care of.  A leaky faucet that ruined your bathroom cabinets, needing new flooring in your bathroom from an overflowing toilet, or a full on flood from monsoon storms, we can handle it! Simply give us a call at (480)-349-0918 and we’ll be out to your home within an hour to provide an extensive examination of the damage caused and start on a plan for how best to get your home or business returned to normal.

Water Restoration Process

Step 1: Emergency contact

Call Patterson Homes at (480)-349-0918 to have an expert come out and survey the damage

Step 2: Damage evaluation and assessment

An hour or less after you call an expert will arrive to your home or business, survey the damage, and offer a plan for restoration

Step 3: Water removal and extraction

Before any real work can be done, all water must be removed from the building. We do this

Step 4: Assistance in filing insurance claims and paperwork

Don’t stress about the paperwork, our technicians are experts on dealing with the insurance agents!

Step 5: Drying and dehumidification

Large fans and dehumidifiers are placed in the building to finish drying out the walls and floors

Step 6: Sanitizing/cleaning of areas

All the repairable damage must be removed from the building. This means cutting into the walls, removing carpet and flooring, and checking for mold.

Step 7: Reconstruction of property

Now that the damage and possible mold is removed, we can work towards putting your home back together by repairing drywall and installing new carpet or flooring.

Step 8: Direct billing to all insurance companies

Severe water damage can get to be quite pricey as it takes extensive work to dry out and remove the damage. Luckily, home insurance covers a good majority of the damage with little to no out of pocket costs.