A little about us and our history…

In 2006, founder Ryan Patterson and his father set out to start a tile company in Queen Creek, AZ. With years of experience in home improvement, Ryan had a dream of running a company that would specialize in delivering the highest quality work one could ask for. Beautiful custom tile work was the fruits of their labor.  Shortly after starting this tile company, he quickly found that he had more skills to offer, so he expanded his business.

In 2008 Patterson Remodeling was born, a company that would specialize in the reconstruction and renovation of homes. In Arizona there is no shortage of work to be done, thanks to its extreme weather conditions. They renovated countless homes, with repairs coming due to water flooding, and fire damage. Due to the top quality work performed by Ryan and his crew, clients would reach out to him not only for making repairs, but he was also asked to build from the ground up. As our customers learned more about our company’s broad scope of services and superior quality product, custom home building would become a regular service, in addition to full service remodeling and custom tile & cabinetry.

Seeing the advantage to a business that benefits from full service in-house work, Patterson Remodeling would open a division for plumbing in 2014. With such a variety of services to offer, it is no wonder Patterson Remodeling is one of the leaders in its industry to service the state of Arizona.