Mold Inspection & Mold Testing

Patterson Restoration is a professional mold inspection, mold detection, and mold testing company. We are the premier mold inspection and testing company in Arizona, and the best choice if you are looking for an unbiased home mold inspection or commercial mold inspection from an experienced company.

Mold Testing in Arizona

Mold Inspection Sciences’ mold testing services will help you determine the type of mold in your property and amount of airborne mold spores that you are breathing. If you need to test for mold, we can help. It is very important to hire the right Mold Inspection Company to carefully inspect and test your property for mold.

Licensed Mold Inspectors

We have a Team of Arizona Licensed Mold Assessment Consultants that are ready to help you! When you call Mold Inspection Sciences, you are calling the professionals!

Property Issues

Mold Inspection Sciences wants to make certain that your property is mold free and with no moisture problems that might cause mold damage.  If you have a roof leak, plumbing leak, mold odor, or other moisture or mold concern with your property, call us to discuss our professional mold inspection and testing services.