Stone Work and Fireplaces

stone work

There is no other upgrade to your home or office that speaks in such a way as stone does because it is not only beautiful, it also gives a very special ambiance. There are many benefits of stone work and the aesthetics are unparalleled.  This natural material not only reduces allergic reactions, but is durable and easy to clean. For many, adding stone around the fireplace hearth has become a popular choice. The most popular types of fireplace stone include limestone, granite, marble, slate and travertine.

You don’t need to live in a centuries-old farmhouse to enjoy exposed stone walls. A huge range of interior stone cladding is now available, in all sorts of stone types, colors and textures. It will bring some rugged texture and character to any room and can be used in big expanses or simply as a feature wall, in a stairwell or on chimney breast, for instance. Additionally, stone walls are making their way into today’s contemporary bathroom designs. By edging a wall with stacked stone tiles, it gives the effect of a rugged stone wall, but soothes the senses with smooth surfaces while you shower.

Another popular choice for stone in the home is to add touches of it in the kitchen or entry way arch. A stacked-stone kitchen island adds texture to today’s modern and sleek kitchen. When upgrading your home, consider adding elements of stone work to your interior design to enhance your walls and floors.