Medallions and Transitions

floor medallion

Medallions and Transitions are two flooring details that require forethought and planning. To give your home a bit of artistic flair, add decorative medallions in your tile, stone or wood flooring. Additionally, there is a variety of options including marble, granite, and travertine medallions. By adding flooring medallions, it can add unique, rich beauty to any area. Not to mention, you can also design Tile Medallions to purpose.  If you are interested in great detail, we can provide you with mosaic medallions that will add beauty and detail to any space in your home and business. The possibilities are endless! Furthermore, we work closely with you to ensure that you get the medallion you are looking for to give your walls, floors, fireplace surrounds and other areas a stylish addition.

Also, people often give little forethought to transitioning a bathroom’s tile floor, for instance, to the hardwood of another room. However, not planning the transition can result in a final product that doesn’t meet your expectations. Also, without proper planning, the floor assembly may fail. Additionally, many homeowners want the tile to transition seamlessly from one room to the other. Of course, this can be done, but most homeowners don’t know that their home design requires extra strength and rigidity to carry this weight. Clearly, planning ahead and paying attention to each and every detail is extremely important. Ultimately, this will result in a seamless floor transition that leaves you extremely satisfied with the end result.