Your bathroom is the perfect place to focus on clean lines and minimal furniture and accessories. Since we use our bathrooms every day, it’s important to focus on function. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your bathroom into a relaxing and refreshing space. Not to mention, using some choice modern bathroom fixtures and designer accessories will help create the contemporary look you desire.

With minimal time and effort, you can illuminate your bathroom with light and style using contemporary bathroom light fixtures. Additionally, you can outfit your bathroom vanity with designer bathroom accessories. Create your dream bathroom – from waterfall tub faucets to sleek bathroom vanities, you’re sure to find the contemporary space you’re looking for.


modern bathroom

Modern bathroom design can work well in bathrooms ranging from tiny to titanic. However, because of the relatively unadorned, seamless aspects of modern design, this style is particularly attractive for homeowners who wish to maximize a smaller bathroom space. When it comes to choosing materials for your modern bathroom design, wood, stone, slate, glass and ceramic will all be in play, as in any bathroom style. However,  the manner in which they’re displayed will define just how modern your design will be.

Also, you can combine materials effectively in a modern design. Whether it is pairing natural wood with stainless steel in a countertop, for example, or creating a tilework design from ceramic tile and glass above a vanity. Furthermore, furniture and accessories in modern bathroom designs often follow the style’s overall aesthetic. Benches or chairs may be carved from high-quality wood and will display the trademark combination of angles and flowing curves so often found in modern furniture. Not to  mention, lighting accessories may feature square, rectangular or rounded lampshades, adding a striking and of-the-moment touch to the overall design.


traditional bathroom
In some respects, it’s easier to define traditional bathroom design in terms of what it’s not: sleek, modern, contemporary or minimalist designs generally would fail to qualify.

Surfaces are an important element of traditional bathroom designs. Countertops most often feature natural or faux-natural materials, like stone, slate or granite. Floor and wall tile choices range from historical to vintage. Specifically, subway, hexagonal or penny tile are all very popular current trends. It’s also possible to mix and match eras in a traditional bathroom design.

When it comes to furniture for traditional bathrooms, natural materials are definitely featured most commonly. Often, high-quality wood pieces are used for sink cabinet bases, benches or chairs. For colonial bathrooms, the wood is often of a type traditionally found in the Northeastern United States, home to the original American colonies. Maple, oak and cherry are commonly featured wood types in colonial bathrooms.


spa bathroom

Spa bathrooms are all about natural wood, natural light and creating a tranquil look and feel for your bathroom. Exuding simple sophistication, the sleek lines in the sinks and soaking tub make the look timeless. Light the candles and soak your worries away in a huge soaking tub that makes you feel like you are in a lavish spa resort in your own home.


southwestern bathroom

Southwestern design and decor reflects a relaxed, elegant style tied to the centuries-old mix of cultures and natural phenomena that make the American southwest unique. When designing a room that reflects a Southwestern style,  keep in mind that it is greatly influenced by the Mexican themes as well as the Spanish colonial roots of the southwestern region.