Planning for Summer: Building the Best Patio in the Neighborhood

Whether you’re dreaming up a brand new outdoor living space or you’re dying to revamp an unsightly slab of concrete, planning ahead is key to creating a patio that’s both beautiful and functional. Here’s the approach suggested by our pros:

Consider the purpose of your patio.

First things first you have some questions to ask yourself: “Am I going to throw a lot of parties outside, use it as a family space, or do I want a small, quiet, private patio just big enough for a couple of chairs and a bistro table?” These initial questions are crucial; you must decide whether your patio will be a gathering place or a getaway space.outdoor-living-space4

Consider that old real estate mantra: location, location, location.

Most patios should be accessible to the kitchen, since that’s where people generally come outside, and down as few steps as possible. However, a getaway patio — perhaps a new space in addition to an entertaining patio — can be more remote, toward the back of the property.
Walk around the property with your Patterson superintendant and check out vantage points to determine location and orientation. Depending on what kind of landscaping the house already has, how close it is to neighboring homes, and whether there’s a view, we can usually come up with a couple of areas that will work. Finding the best spot is key early on. Once you know the feel you’re looking for and where you want to put it we’ll be able to start sketching!

Like location, size matters.

It’s common to underestimate how big the patio should be. How many people will normally congregate in the space? Most pros thing building a patio with a central fire pit and 4 or 5 chairs, it might be a circle of 14 feet in diameter or larger.
There’s no specific rule of thumb as to size, but if the site allows, design proportionately to the house, making the patio as wide as the house and as long as the house’s height, or matching it to the size of an indoor room.

Think about shape, which may be partially determined by the site.

There are three basic design styles commonly used in patio remodels: symmetrical to the house, assymetrical (slightly askew to the house, but still geometric and modern-looking) and voluptuous curves, which flow with nature. Curved lines are trendy. Non-geometric patios are said to provide visual interest even when you’re not on the patio. This idea is important because people don’t just sit on the patio; they see it from inside the house and out in the yard as well

Choose building materials to complement the color and style of your house.

Black-stained concrete mIMG_2300-1030x773ay not look good against a stately Cape Cod. Gray pavers may look out of place next to a stucco home.
Natural materials like local stone are popular but expensive. Concrete pavers provide a lower-cost option, and they come in a wide range of colors, textures and shapes. If you use pavers, break up the space with plenty of plants and furniture, as pavers tend to absorb light rather than reflect it, and they can look industrial in a wide-open expanse.

Plan the landscaping.

Before putting down roots, be honest about whether you’re a plant lover or a low-maintenance person. In our opinion, you can always do the hardscape first and add plant material later, when it’s easier to visualize the space as a whole. Remember, the surrounding space and all of its colors and textures tie your patio together!
We love to plant right in the patio by leaving a space of ground surrounded by stone or pavers, or jackhammering out a chunk of concrete. Break the patio up with greenery. Can’t do that? We recommend adding potted plants; pick pots that fit your color scheme as well as pops of bright colors like blue, yellow, or orange to make the space more inviting.

Finally, think about the extras.

A fireplace or fire pit provides evening appeal; a water feature adds ambiance and helps block noise from a busy street. Landscape lighting around the patio is lovely after the sun goes down, and a well-placed trellis can shade the hot afternoon sun and give privacy from a neighbor’s second story.
As you plan, make it fun! Play around a little, and don’t get hung up on details too early. The patio is a part of your home, so have fun with the design and make
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