Arizona Monsoon 2016

Arizona Monsoon + Poorly Maintained Roof = Roof Repairs & More

Arizona Monsoons are here again in full swing!

Last night and this morning’s storms, in the East Valley, brought with them heavy rains and a few high

Water damage monsoon lightning storm phoenix arizona

A monsoon covering Phoenix in clouds, and lightning on a summer night

wind gusts. These exact storm events are what cause property damage, leaving property owners in need of structural repairs. Subsequently, roof repairs are the most common followed by interior water damage. What’s more, nobody is completely exempt from storm damage. The Arizona Monsoon is no respecter of properties!

So what can one do?

Our first recommendation; have your roof inspected for any damage that may cause water intrusion. This includes gutters and roof drainage. Secondly, landscape grading should be sloped properly to ensure water drains AWAY from your property. If water is pooling close to the home (3-5 feet) when it rains, have your grading inspected by a licensed contractor such as ourselves. Prevention is the best way to avoid costly repairs. Finally, inspect any large, weak, overgrown, or non-secured trees too close to your home. These too are a recipe for disaster. All it takes is one big gust of wind and before you know it you have a hole in your roof and a mess beyond measure.